VISKATOONS is an independent animation studio located in Melbourne, Australia. We create and produce high end animated series, as well as content for television, advertisements, music videos and online. Offering the full range – animation, motion graphics, design, storyboarding, content creation and post production.

The illusion of life meets fantasy with hard work and persistence of vision at Viskatoons. Old school, new school, cool and hot work streams from the team. The Viskatoons studio embraces a philosophy of talent rules. Experience plus talent renders magic on the screen. Play, polish, play, polish, shine.

But all play doesn’t meet deadlines so enter Producer Ariel Waymouth the chief of everything, with her potent production pipeline. Hey presto! Another original masterpiece on budget, and on time.

So in a space where Far Out Brussel Sprout sprouted, Li’l Elvis truck stopped and exotic Jar Dwellers jump from jars, the daily grind of brilliance continues. Old man Viska and his VISKATOONS team have been rocking out the animation world since “before there was nothing.”

You game it, or name it, if it moves in a 2D world we’re on it. VISKATOONS offers a full spectrum in animation, motion graphics, design, scripting, storyboarding, content creation and post-production.

As we say, Animation for any situation.

Peter Viska

Peter Viska

Creative Director

Peter meets to distil your animation video requirements and ideas. He then oversees the design and animation processes from concept to delivery.
Peter has been a major part of the Australian animation industry for 35 years where he has kept abreast of technology to be a content creator and producer for global television networks, international advertising agencies, online games and small businesses.
Beginning his career as a cartoonist he progressed to illustrating the famous ‘Far Out, Brussel Sprout’, ‘All Right, Vegemite’ and ‘Unreal, Banana Peel’ series of books. Original content creation injected with smiles and irreverence continues to be the driving force in his new projects.

Ariel Waymouth

Ariel Waymouth


Ariel moved to Melbourne to work on Animation Series ‘Lil Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers’. Ariel worked as Producer at Viskatoons for a couple of years then as a production co-ordinator on Rock It! (Network 10) and Producer at X-Ray Vision where she produced digital media content, TVCs and was Production Manager of “Challenge, Change,Faith” (ABC). Over the next three years she produced short films “My Girlfriend Jim’ (SBS) selected St Kilda Film Festival, Dungog Film Festal, Winner Peoples Choice award at Bondi International Film Festival, ‘Billy” selected New York International Children’s Film Festival, Heart of Gold International Film Festival, ‘Poppy’ (SBS) selected St Kilda Film Festival. For the last four years, Ariel has worked as the Group Production Manager at December Media, ‘The Doctor Blake Mysteries’ where she was also the Production Manager on ‘Hidden Universe’, Australia’s first 3D IMAX feature. Most recently Ariel has produced animated adult sketch comedy web series ‘Suspect Moustache’ for SBS and Screen Australia.

Mark Sheard

Mark Sheard

Animation Director

Mark directs the team of storyboard artists, animators, editors and sound recordists to turn the script into a quality finished video.
Mark has 18 plus years industry experience, having begun his professional career at the tender age of 17. Blending his traditional background in animation with modern tools, his Directing style is strong and fresh,with dedicated creative problem solving skills and a passion for creating unique character and style for each project he works on.
He works hard to ensure even the most complex narrative is clear and direct, with dedication to strong design ensuring that your animation will stand out from the crowd.

Asteria Setiono

Asteria Setiono

Head of Design & Animation

Astri adds her magic touch and leads the design and feel of each video so we can deliver the originality and quality animation for which we are famous.
Astri is Head Animator at Viskatoons and adds a brilliant level of design and sophistication to the raft of work in the studio. Her mastery of imagery, static and moving, enhances big and small projects to give clients the best chance to showcase their vision.
Her nickname around the studio is Wonder Woman.

Ashleigh Beevers

Ashleigh Beevers

Animator & Designer

Ash adds her design and motion sensitivity to the team’s animation under the Director’s and Head Designer’s instructions.
Ash is one of the top graduates of the wonderful QCA Bachelor of Animation course. Since her move to Melbourne three years ago she has graduated to our top team and adds her drawing, design and action magic to all work she touches.

David Tait

David Tait

Editor and Post-Production Supervisor

David edits the final video together and masters it ready for final delivery.
David is a multi-award winner with decades of experience in visual storytelling, having worked in television, cinema, and animation in multiple capacities including Editing, Post-Production and Post-Production Supervision, Technical Supervision, SPFX Direction and Supervision.

Tom McKinnell

Tom McKinnell

Visual Designer & Animator

Tom studied a Bachelor of design in games, and as the star student at RMIT Peter lured him into the world of animation. His distinct visualisation in design, animation prowess and understanding of technology makes him an exceptional asset to the studio. Tom has just also completed the Victorian Storyboarding Initiative and can’t wait to show the world what he can do.
Isaac Cafarello

Isaac Cafarello

Head of Design and Animation

Isaac is one of the senior animators and works closely with the Director to create his moving art to suit the brief. Isaac value adds to the animation and design with his unique understanding of kinetic balance and movement. He has been involved with long and short form animation since 2008 where he graduated from the prestigious RMIT Animation and Interactive Media course with his brilliant Jedda film.


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Viskatoons has won numerous awards, most recent is a Gold at the World Media Festival 2014 for ACMA animation series.

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